The FatherShop

Healing Centered, Culturally Responsive, Transformative Change for Fathers, Youth, and Families.


Our Mission

To educate, empower, and build the capacity for fathers to become more self-aware and self-directed, resulting in sustainable positive transformation.

Our Beliefs

We believe that at the core of our community’s issues the father plays a major role in its ailment, as well as in its healing.

Our Programs

Father-focused, work readiness skills, resiliency training, and strength-based life skills curriculum.

Our engagement employs a Healing Centered, Cultural-Based interdisciplinary approach to effectively bring about a communal transformation of the individual, the family, and the community.

Our Goals

To restrengthen the Black family foundation, by healing and rebuilding the Black family, and restoring a refined man to the core strength of that foundation, by supporting Black fathers in reclaiming Black manhood.

The FatherShop delivers innovative father-focused programming rooted in the principles of healing-centered engagement through both an institutional and community based reentry support and engagement, as well as peer mentoring of youth and adults from the ages of 14 - 24 and 25 - 60.

Breathwork/Guided Meditation


Physical Fitness

Culturally Responsive Life Skills

Domestic-Violence education

Positive Parenting

Rewarding Relationship


Financial Literacy

Drivers Licensing Restoration

Entrepreneurial Empowerment

Employment Readiness/Work Ethic

Peer Mentorship

Father Support Group

Family-Friendly activities, and community engagement events.

The purpose of the seminars, workshops, and support group, as well as outreach activities and engagement events, is to enhance a father’s life skills, relationship, and parenting skills, and to increase awareness regarding the unique and irreplaceable role that fathers play in the lives of their children, as well as to support fathers to achieve self-sufficiency and sustainable growth and development.

Contact information: Lovell Sykes [email protected] 206.335.9699

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