S.T.A.N.D Mission Statement

We strive to establish credible education, sustained resources and life-altering relationships with at-risk youth and young adults, their families and the communities impacted by gang culture, violence and

recruitment by providing alternative positive and structured activities, family support and gang intervention services.

S.T.A.N.D (Sustainable Transformation Allowing New Direction), is a father-focused youth and young adult gang and gun violence prevention and intervention program. A comprehensive holistic approach that seeks to prevent gun violence among youth and young adults, by engaging their fathers or father figures of those youth and young adults who have been or who are at risk of being adversely impacted by gang culture, in a healing centered transformational process. The program is designed to be responsive to the cultural and linguistic diversity of the fathers, youth, and families, as well as communities it serves, acknowledging and valuing the unique strengths, experiences, and perspectives of each individual and group.

S.T.A.N.D involves interdisciplinary evidence-based principles in our practices that are grounded in culturally specific knowledge, values, and practices. This includes traditional healing practices, storytelling, arts-based interventions, breathwork and guided meditation, physical fitness, and other mind-body approaches.

In addition to these practices, the program also emphasizes the importance of building supportive relationships and creating a safe and nurturing environment where fathers and father figures, youth and young adults, feel comfortable sharing their experiences and engaging in the healing process. This healing and community connections, creating opportunities for group dialogue and reflection that fosters healing, and providing ongoing support and resources.

The program also focuses on the role of fathers and father figures in preventing gun violence and promoting positive youth development. This involves education and skill-building in areas such as healthy masculinity, conflict resolution, anger management, and gun safety. Fathers may also be encouraged to serve communities and promote non-violent conflict resolution strategies.

Overall, S.T.A.N.D recognizes that preventing gun violence requires a holistic and integrated approach that addresses both individual and collective needs. By providing culturally responsive and empowering service support, the program seeks to promote healing, resilience, and positive relationships among

fathers, youth and young adults, their families, as well as, within the broader community, knowing that a healed father, plus a healthy and strong family, equals a stronger and safer community.

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