The Inner-City Action Network formalized as an LLC in 2020 and as a 501c3 in 2021. ICAN’s mission is to educate, empower, and build the capacity for fathers to become more self-aware and self-directed, resulting in sustainable positive transformation. ICAN is the dream and vision of its founder, Lovell Sykes, who transformed his war story of gangs, prison and violence to a transformation story of an aspirational leader, father and mentor to many, who transformed his life through the Northwest Credible Messenger model and utilizes the same process to give back to his community and the next generation of leaders he supports in his work and life. Our services:

  1. ICAN’s Peer Support and Job Readiness cohort empowers justice-involved Black and Brown individuals through twice-weekly programming, three hours a session. 

2. We’ve implemented a behavioral health program for young adults of Tacoma impacted by gangs, violence and adversity for the Metropolitan Development Council of Tacoma (MDC). 

3. We provide violence prevention services in the West Seattle community.  

4. We support Fathers who are elders of community Power Groups (gangs) who have made a positive transition and can impact the next generation with mentorship, hosting groups, retreats, and workshops.  

5. We provide parents of youth impacted gun violence with groups to process, heal and re-build after being traumatized and impacted.  

6. We provide ICAN-R.I.S.E youth restorative justice violence prevention groups at Summit Public Schools - Olympus in Tacoma. 

7. We have supported young people at risk of and connected to gangs in Tacoma and Seattle with groups, check ins and pro-social activities as well as supporting their goals and transition away from a lifestyle of gangs and violence. Our Pillars and curriculum are a body of work grown out of the Northwest Credible Messenger model, the organization who brought the Credible Messenger model to Washington state. NWCM continues to support leaders and organizations statewide who see value in learning and applying the Credible Messenger model for various areas of community impact. These Pillars are custom tailored to meet our community needs through the ICAN Mission & Vision and the National Credible Messenger model.

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