Our Commitment To CommUnity Is To Create Space And Opportunity To Heal And Restrengthen...

Based in Pierce County, The Inner-City Action Network is a behavioral health, community-based organization, fatherhood and family restrengthening advocacy, and support resource service, offering culturally relevant mentorship and state-certified peer counseling, through a father-focused, healing-centered transformative process. We believe that at the core of our community’s issues, the father plays a major role in both its ailment and its healing. 

That's why we make it our mission to educate and empower fathers to live in their purpose, as a positive and present parent.

We aim to restrengthen the Black family foundation, by healing and restrengthening the Black family, and restoring a refined man to the core strength of that foundation, by supporting Black fathers in Reclaiming Black Manhood.

We offer several programs to boost the morale of fathers and families to create better opportunities and a brighter future, from health and wellness education to empowering life skills, healthy masculinity, positive parenting, rewarding relationships, genealogy, peer mentorship and counseling, employment readiness, financial literacy, entrepreneurial empowerment, and case management, as well as, a community Think Tank, focusing on The State of Black Fatherhood. 

You can reach us by going to our volunteer/Donation to find out more about how your support supports those who support those in need of support. Thank you, in advance.

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