Meet Our Founding Father

My name is lovell sykes. I am a father, and a grandfather. A formerly incarcerated power group leader. I am a child of an absent father home, and I too was an absent father, I know firsthand the negative impact of being an absent father, as well as, the impact of being a positive present parent. My transformational process and lived experiences has fostered my passion to become a fatherhood and family restrengthening advocate, Certified Peer Counselor (CPC), Healing-Centered Engagement Practitioner (HCP), and a Credible Messenger Mentor (CM3), as well as, an entrepreneur, becoming the founder and Executive Director of both ICAN Consulting, and the Inner-City Action Network, home of the FatherShop. Where Fatherhood Is The Only Hood A Man Should Claim… We are a Behavioral Health, Community-Based Organization (CBO); dedicated to a healing-centered, father-focused transformational process, supporting culturally relevant, family restrengthening, healthy living, transformative justice, certified youth and young adult peer mentorship and counseling. My WHY is to educate and empower fathers to recognize and accept their impact on their children maturing healthy, and to live in their purpose, supporting a healing process that fosters emotional well-being self-sufficiency, being a provider, a nurturer, and a protector. One who real models positive parenting.

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